The Women Behind Peri Skin Care

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Lisa Stewart


Lisa Stewart

Owner of Peri Skin Care & Solia Spa


In January 2013 I sat down, put pen to paper and started creating my vision for Peri. I wanted to develop a product that was effective in minimizing sun damage without the use of hydroquinone. I used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep and know quite a bit about medicine, ingredients, and how they affect our bodies. It’s important for me to provide my clients with high quality ingredients and a high standard in services without compromising my integrity.


The ingredients I chose for Sofiel by Peri are pure and natural with a high concentration of Camu Camu. When Sofiel was in its beginning stages, industry experts suggested that I lower the percentage of Camu Camu. I decided to keep a high concentration of this ingredient because I knew that it would become one of the most effective products in the market providing immediate results.


Sofiel by Peri is so pure you could eat it! It will not disrupt the endocrine system, and there are no preservatives and no chemicals. It is gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. Sofiel exfoliates, brightens, tightens and moisturizes the skin.


Family is so very important to me. I named my spa after my daughters, Sophia and Olivia. Naturally, I had to name this skin care company after my Italian grandmother, Marie Perri. She taught me everything I needed to know about skin care to get me started on this life long journey. I used to watch her every night while she would apply her cold cream. She didn’t have a wrinkle until she was 67 years old. She had a very regimented ritual which fascinated me. This led me to create the Peri Skin Care company, a project which stemmed from love, family and integrity.





Dr. Irene Reyzis


Irene Nagle Reyzis MD, MPharmSc is a cosmetic science expert, ingredient guru, and innovative formulator. She attended college at Case Western Reserve University and earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 2006. She then attended medical school at Drexel University and earned her doctorate in 2010. In 2015 she completed a graduate program from the University of Cincinnati and earned a Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Science with an emphasis in Cosmetic Science. Since then she’s been a cosmetic industry expert specializing in the science and technology of skin care and personal care products, as well as topical OTC products. With her educational background alongside nine years of industry experience, plus her innovative abilities, she is able to formulate and develop high quality cosmetic products with advanced therapeutic properties.


Irene is extremely devoted to the creation of products that are in line with her principles of effective, results-oriented, toxin-free skin care. She is committed to the sourcing of sustainable, earth-friendly materials with minimal environmental impacts. She practices mindfulness to respect consumer rights, as well as the planet, with all products she develops.


Irene has worked with Lisa on the creation of Peri skin care products as a scientific expert and consultant formulator. She has implemented her knowledge and principles to ensure that all Peri products are of the highest quality with respect to ingredients, and exceptionally effective with respect to results. With her help the Peri line was developed as maximally skin-safe, skin-healthy, exceedingly natural and highly cosmeceutical.





Megan Tull

Director of Business Development


Megan Tull is a Business Success Strategist, Transformational Leader in Business and Life, an Author and an International Speaker. Megan has spent half of her career as a leader and trainer in the skin care industry and even was a pioneer in the development of the “spa concept.” She has represented some of the most prestigious skincare brands from Repechage Skin Care to now Peri Skin Care.


Megan has built 7 successful businesses of her own and has helped 1,000’s of business owners turn their passion into a highly profitable business that makes a difference in the world.


Megan has partnered with her long- time friend Lisa and Peri Skin Care as the role as Director of Business Development. She is committed to creating brand awareness and fulfilling the mission of Peri Skincare to challenge the current standards of skincare providing a truly pure and healthy alternative to consumers and skincare professionals – products that will nourish and elevate the integrity of the skin offering transformative results.


She’s the best-selling author of The Passion Belief Method – Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business and has been a regular contributor to Huffington Post and the Business Journals. She has been featured as an expert on CBS and FOX.